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Why Skip Hire?

Compare Skip HireSkip hires are useful in Hexham for the removal of waste for your home and commercial needs. Having constructions or even just renovations leaving a mess, be it building materials, bricks and stones, wooden planks and beams and even old furniture, your preferred skip is going to remove these waste materials with no inconvenience on your part.

The skip will be delivered to your site on your required date. You could hire a small or large skip for your different waste disposal requirements. Once full, the skip hire company will pick up the skip and properly dispose of the waste and rubble. The skip can be returned to your site should you need more waste removal and disposal.

Different Types of Skips

There are a wide variety of skips, depending on their types and sizes. The skips are designed for different uses and requirements. As a guide, a cubic yard of soil or hard materials would weigh around 1 tonne. That would be a 4- tonne skip holding about 4 cubic yards.

2-3 Yard Mini Skip

The 2-3 cubic yard (~1.53m³) Mini Skip is perfect for domestic requirements wherein generated waste is not too much. This skip is also useful as a secondary skip for waste that needs disposing of separately.

4-5 Yard Mini Skip

For your small tasks including house clearances and garden, the 4-5 cubic yard (~3.06 m³) Mini Skip is advised. This skip is an affordable way to dispose of your waste and rubbish requirements.

6 Yard Skip

The 6 cubic yard (4.59 m³) skip is a practical choice for building and bigger garden clearances. This skip is a popular hire for kitchen and bathroom renovations as this skip provides substantial space.

8 Yard Skip

This 8 cubic yard (6.12 m³) skip is adaptable and useful from medium sized construction rubble or garden waste. This skip has been proven to be helpful in many situations, either home or business uses.

10 Yard Skip

This 10 cubic yard (7.65 m³) skip comes into use where a larger amount of waste needs to be cleared and disposed of, commonly seen in commercial requirements. It can be utilised in a variation of materials, from garden waste, rubble to building rubbish.

14-16 Yard Skip

The 14-16 cubic yard (~10.7-12.23 m³) skips are recommended for their value due to their affordable price and having a larger waste capacity. This skip is famous for both private and commercial tasks as it can carry a considerable amount of unwanted waste and even broad enough to fit a small automobile.

20 Yard Skip

The 20 cubic yard (15.3 m³) Roll on and Roll off is one of the smaller roll-on- roll-off skips, providing valuable waste disposal ability with ease of access, being a popular choice for commercial projects.

30 Yard Roll on and Roll off Skip

Having a lot of waste would require a sizeable skip, and this is where the 30 cubic yard (22.9 m³) skip is needed. Much of these skips can be found in building sites where considerable waste is generated upon construction.

40 Yard Skip

The 40 cubic yard (30.58 m³) is recommended on a client having an enormous amount of waste or rubble. These skips are commonly found with commercial clients who produce a lot of waste.

Importance and Benefits of Skip Hire

It is essential that proper waste management should be properly practiced. It not only saves you money and time, but it also protects our environment. Reliable and trustworthy skip hire companies already know what to do with your waste. The standard practice after collection of the skip is that these skip rental companies bring them to the depots where the rubbish and waste is selected and segregated for recycling. The correct treatment of waste is imperative in the contribution towards a clean and safe environment.

Hiring a skip in Hexham is so much more convenient than making multiple trips to a tip or recycling point. It saves you money, time and effort. A lot of companies in our network are known for cost effectiveness. With proper collection and disposal, you provide safety in your home or at work. And most importantly, you help protect the environment.

By sorting through your waste, rubbish and clutter are a potential danger to your home or environment. Skips will provide you with a safe and clean waste management as they know how to take care and properly dispose of the waste without having to have your hands dirty.

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